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New development tasks for the nearest future

Currently we are focused on improving and updating the following parts of Vine:

  • adding support for Tomcat 6 and Liferay 6,
  • implementing messaging for the BlazeDs/Flex components,
  • migrating to the Flex 4 since it is the latest stable version of Flex.

Vine Toolkit 1.2

We are pleased to announce a new stable release of Vine Toolkit. The main feature is much anticipated Liferay 5.2.3 support ( as well as maintaining the Gridsphere 3.1 support ).

New presentations - Liferay integration example and the slides from OGF28

Recently we were working on new demonstration materials picturing the latest features of the Vine Toolkit. As the result of these actions we have released a screen cast from the portal based on the Liferay 5.2.3 CE and the Vine Toolkit. The second thing are slides from the OGF 28 presentation.

Vine Toolkit in the Liferay 5.2.3 CEVine Toolkit in the Liferay 5.2.3 CE

Liferay support is currently still in development phase thus in order to use it please check out the latest Vine sources from the SVN. Link to Liferay installation guide:


Described materials are accessible from the following links:



Access to the gsi-ssh resources with GSI-SSHTerm

GridSsh AppletGridSsh Applet

Lately we integrated GSI-SSHTerm applet into Vine portal. We prepared a dedicated resource ( gridSshResource ) to provide information about gsi-enabled ssh hosts. Additionally we configure applet in the runtime to autoconnect to the first host on the resources list ( with a user name and default credential taken from the Vine user session in the portal ). More details here.

Credential / certificate manager version 1.1

New version (1.1) of the Credential Manager application has been released. It comprises two new features:

  • support for the multiple MyProxy resources
  • support for the custom user cert / key locations

The whole package is available to download from the Vine Toolkit downloads page.

Vine Toolkit presentation

For the newcomers, we've prepared a general presentation about Vine's main features. It could be found in the docs section.

Vine Toolkit 1.1 release

Thanks to our involvement in the another infrastructure project Pl-Grid as well as in the BeInGrid project, we are proud to announce that Vine Toolkit, version 1.1 has been finished and currently could be found in or svn repository. In a word, it's a stable and tested version of our framework. We have focused on fixing the existing bugs and removing the obsolete code and subprojects. In a few days, we will update our Download section with a set of bundles ready to download. Of course we're waiting for your feedback on that release as well !! [UPDATE: VT binary bundles are ready to download]

VT team

Certificate manager in a standalone mode

Today we have released an add-on to the main Vine Toolkit framework in a form of standalone/web start tool. Credential/certificate manager is a utility for managing user's certificates/credentials. More details could be found here.

Vine Toolkit 1.1 release and future plans ( Liferay support :) )

Dear Vine Users,

as some of you could notice our pace has been increased to make Vine Toolkit 1.1 available for you in its stable version soon. Currently we're focused on fixing all bugs and minor issues. Additionally, in order to get rid of the obsolete code from the previous ui framework ( Sportlets ) we're rewriting several important components ( Job submission, WsMdsm, Account Manager ) so they will be available to use without any extra work :)

Support for custom svn locations

For those of you using custom svn repositories for your Vine projects we've prepared a small enhancement. Now in the build.properties in your installer you can configure a custom svn url for your project in the following manner:

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