Vine Toolkit 1.1 release candidate 1 out !

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We are proud to announce that we are getting closer to the Vine Toolkit 1.1 release. It will be a huge step forward in terms of quality and performance. To highlight its new features I will paste description from the RC 1 commit ( over 800 files have been altered !):

Vine 1.1 RC 1

- package structure introduced in flex codebase ( actionscript side )
- new deployment routines for web content
- moving particular gereric interfaces and implementation from grid project to core vine ( in order to let users create their flex applications without heavy grid background )

blazeds integration ( by Tomasz Kuczynski )
- logic for handling sessions, serialization, errors and communication flow between server and client side,
- serveral useful concepts emerged ( model persistence, new initialization events: init, reinit, rebound )
- major enhancements in the flex Vine base class,
- support for subcomponents/submodels
- file upload/download support ( with flexible options e.g. limits, rights etc. ) with enhanced ui layer ( intuitive popups ( modal/background ) )

blazeds wrapping
- annotations for intuitive component/project creation

new release of vine configurator tool
- with support for adding new projects, altering installers
- ability to create flex/blazeds aware projects with example components working out of the box

build system:
- build scripts cleaned and improved for speed
- support for the automatic flex component compilation ( requires Flex Sdk installed )
- many minor bugs fixed

new components:
- resource registry manager, credential manager rewritten
- example, reference components have been created

Additionally new documentation section has been created. It is not so impressive at the moment, but I promise that it will be extended according to your most urgent needs.

Be aware that not all is ready yet, we are working on converting all components to the new model and adding a couple of useful ones as well.

We would be happy to see your comments regarding this release - don't hesitate to leave them here or on our mailing list.


final release 1.1 ?

Hi, when do you plan to release stable VT 1.1 ? Do you plan to include there more features or just polish the existing stuff ?

final release 1.1 ?


it's the matter of a month, I think. As for the extra value, the most noticeable thing will be localization both for client and server side. We even plan to share resource bundles between flex and java. Of course, there are many things fixed behind the scenes as well.