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build scripts in groovy and ant

Tomcat 6 support

Vine Toolkit is prepared now to work with Tomcat 6 servlet container. To use the feature it is enough to set container type in the currently used installer to 'tomcat_6_x' value and have Tomcat 6 installed in the target path. The changes involved different components so it is required to update your Vine sources against the svn repository. Different installation types were checked and validated with success after changes:

- Liferay 5.2.3 + Tomcat 5
- Liferay 5.2.3 + Tomcat 6
- GridSphere 3.1 + Tomcat 5
- GridSphere 3.2 + Tomcat 5
- GridSphere 3.2 + Tomcat 6

Vine updates to the Flex 4

From today on Vine Toolkit supports the Flex 4 compiler and syntax. Unfortunately Flex 4 is not fully backward compatible so your existing Flex 3 apps need to be enhanced. Currently we provide two options, use Vine bundles ( version <= 1.2 ) with Flex 3 SDK or latest Vine from the SVN with the Flex 4 SDK.

Build process changes for lower memory consumption.

There are good news for those, who already reached the system memory limits in their ANT_OPTS settings (see PermGen space error while building Vine Toolkit).

Resolving " to delete" build error in Vine (Windows specific)

Sometimes during the build process Ant is reporting error like this: to delete {CATALINA_HOME}\webapps\gridsphere\WEB-INF\vine\backup\grid\xslt\web-undeploy.xml while trying to rename {CATALINA_HOME}\webapps\gridsphere\WEB-INF\vine\backup\grid\xslt\rep604943897.tmp
The error appears only on fast Windows machines - quick processor and low processor usage increase the chance for this error.

Vine Toolkit - standalone application mode

Vine Toolkit can be used also in standalone application mode (although some limitations could arise accordingly to the set of jars used in the classpath of the application). New article is present in the documentation which describes this topic. Take a look here to read the article.

Using Adobe Flex Builder 3 Flex SDK for your Vine build / Removing "Trial" watermark

In order to use some more sophisticated Flex controls like AdvancedDataGrid or Charts, one need to change the default Flex SDK into the one provided with Flex Builder 3. To do so, please change your FLEX_HOME to point to:

Support for custom svn locations

For those of you using custom svn repositories for your Vine projects we've prepared a small enhancement. Now in the in your installer you can configure a custom svn url for your project in the following manner:

Localization & external Flex modules support

We have two more features to present:

New structure in the UI source tree

As one intermediate step to introducing new flex model we decided to simplify the development process. To achieve that we reduced some unnecessary packages in ui source tree so instead of having ( in grid project ):

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