Registration resources

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Vine Toolkit has got a set of registration modules which allows to register users on some resources. These registration resources are:

  • GridsphereRegistrationResource - allows adding new users to Gridsphere portal.
  • GssCertificateRegistrationResource - creates x509 certificate and key pair for a new user.
  • Gt4RegistrationResource - creates a user account on Globus Toolkit 4 host machine.
  • GriaRegistrationResource - create a user account in Gria 5.3 Trade Account Service.
  • Unicore6RegistrationResource - creates a user account on Unicore 6 host machine.
  • DmsRegistrationResource - register a user on Data Management Service.
  • VomsRegistrationResource - register a user to Virtual Organization Membership Service.

To create new users and register them to mentioned resources Domain.xml file should has proper entries. Part of Domain.xml file which describes portal hostResource should has an accountResource added and needed registration resouces entries. Example:

    <hostResource name="portal"

	<!-- Account manager -->
        <accountResource name="GuestAccountManager"
                         label="Guest Account"
                         description="Guest Account Manager">
            <gridsphereRegistrationResource name="GridsphereRegistration"

            <!-- GSS demo certificate registration -->
            <gssCertificateRegistrationResource name="GssDemoCertRegistration"
            <!-- GT4 registration -->
            <gt4RegistrationResource name="Gt4Registration"
                                     gridMapfileAddEntryCmd="sudo /usr/local/globus/gt404/sbin/grid-mapfile-add-entry"
                                     gridMapfileDelEntryCmd="sudo /usr/local/globus/gt404/sbin/grid-mapfile-delete-entry"/>

By default user who creates a new account will be automatically registered to all registration resources which are in Domain.xml file and will have an access to his account. This solution was made just for test purposes. If portal administrator wants to have more control on each user account accountResource should have a flag accountActivationAutomatic set to false:

	<!-- Account manager -->
        <accountResource name="GuestAccountManager"
                         label="Guest Account"
                         description="Guest Account Manager">


This option allows portal administrator to activate and deactivate user accounts. If flag accountActivateionAutomatic is set to false newly created user accounts are inactive. User is registered to needed registration resources but his/her account has to be approved by portal administrator.

UserRegistrationApp is an application which allows to create requests for new accounts in Vine.
If flag accountActivateionAutomatic in Domain.xml file isn't set or is set to true users have their accounts activated automatically. Portal administrator in UserManagementApp portlet activate newly created accounts requests. Also in UserManagementApp administrator has got option for deactivate user account and edit his/her profile information.