Vine Toolkit overview

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Vine Toolkit is a modular, extensible Java library that offers developers an easy-to-use, high-level Application Programmer Interface (API) for Grid-enabling applications. Vine can be deployed for use in desktop, Java Web Start, Java Servlet 2.3 and Java Portlet 1.0 environments with ease. Additionally, Vine Toolkit supports a wide array of middleware and third-party services. Using the Vine Toolkit, one composes applications as collections of resources and services for utilizing those resources (basic idea in Vine - generic resource model - any service and data source can me modeled as an abstract entity called resource and can be integrated with web applications using high-level APIs).

Vine Toolkit schemaVine Toolkit schema

The Vine Toolkit makes it possible to organize resources into a hierarchy of domains to represent one or more virtual organizations (VOs). Vine offers security mechanisms for authenticating end-users and authorizing their use of resources within a given domain. Other core features include an extensible model for executing tasks (every action is persisted as Task) and transparent support for persisting information about resources and tasks with in-memory or external relational databases.

Adobe Flex and BlazeDS technologies allow creating advanced and sophisticated web applications similar to many stand-alone GUIs. Vine comes with many co-bundled components. There is a set of bundled components. User / Role / Application managers - administrative tools for user management, their roles, application related right management for accessible methods of web applications, user login and user registration - it is module based so the process could be extended and span any external service. like ldap or ms active directory and portal incorporates authenticated users automatically. Resource manager where the configuration of resources is accessible, could be displayed and changed by advanced users if desired. File browser component allows to manage data on different data management servers and also portal file system (PFS) - Vine provides such components to allow storing of users data in the portal. Job Manager component based on JSDL specification allows to prepare JSDL based job description and submits jobs. Jobs are monitored and outputs could be retrieved later. Basic information about the job is also displayed. Different job managers are used here according to the installed and configured plugins. Credential manager allows to get proxy credentials from MyProxy server configured for the portal. User is able also to add some mapping to his accounts for the accessible DN - so later it is possible to log in using MyProxy user account - single sign-on is possible then, proxy certificates are loaded automatically and user can use grid services directly. Resource browser is able to display information about grid resources - globus MDS services is used here - it is possible to show also dynamic values as free memory for example.