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Vine Toolkit + Nano Toolkit clip

New video depicting VT scientific application. This time let us introduce the Nano Toolkit.

Tomcat 6 support

Vine Toolkit is prepared now to work with Tomcat 6 servlet container. To use the feature it is enough to set container type in the currently used installer to 'tomcat_6_x' value and have Tomcat 6 installed in the target path. The changes involved different components so it is required to update your Vine sources against the svn repository. Different installation types were checked and validated with success after changes:

- Liferay 5.2.3 + Tomcat 5
- Liferay 5.2.3 + Tomcat 6
- GridSphere 3.1 + Tomcat 5
- GridSphere 3.2 + Tomcat 5
- GridSphere 3.2 + Tomcat 6

Major changes in the documentation section

Today we rearranged documentation pages in the 'Docs' section. The old 'Vine Toolkit 1.1 Guides' document is a base for a new two guides: Vine Admin Guide and Vine Developer's Guide. The first one is more about configuration and deployment of provided framework and the second for developers wanting to add new functionality to Vine ( both application and service layer will be covered ).

Currently we are in the middle of the reorganization and if you want to get previous version of 'Vine Toolkit 1.1 Guides' please download its pdf version.

Job manager - filtering and deleting jobs

New feature in Job Manager, responding to your requests we have added a possibility to filter and delete jobs in the Job Manager component. Also new enhancements are on the way, including messaging application and paging for the job listing.
Job ManagerJob Manager

New presentations - Abinit demonstration

Abinit portalAbinit portal Today we have prepared new demonstration movies accessible via VT YouTube channel : http://www.youtube.com/user/vinetoolkit and also embedded in the demo section of vinetoolkit.org site.

Some details about the presentation:

Vine Toolkit survey 2010

Dear Vine Toolkit Users,

thank you for your feedback and submitted forms. We received some of them in also June thus we decided to leave the 2010 survey on-line for a little bit longer. We encourage you to join in and fill out this short form - it will help us greatly in terms of sketching up long term goals and commitments. The survey could be found here:


Vine updates to the Flex 4

From today on Vine Toolkit supports the Flex 4 compiler and syntax. Unfortunately Flex 4 is not fully backward compatible so your existing Flex 3 apps need to be enhanced. Currently we provide two options, use Vine bundles ( version <= 1.2 ) with Flex 3 SDK or latest Vine from the SVN with the Flex 4 SDK.

New feature of File Manager in Liferay

Liferay portlets' file systems was integrated with Vine's FileManagerApp portlet.
Now You can manage files from Liferay's:

  • Message Board
  • Wiki

using Vine's FileManagerApp portlet.
More details here.

New development tasks for the nearest future

Currently we are focused on improving and updating the following parts of Vine:

  • adding support for Tomcat 6 and Liferay 6,
  • implementing messaging for the BlazeDs/Flex components,
  • migrating to the Flex 4 since it is the latest stable version of Flex.

Vine Toolkit 1.2

We are pleased to announce a new stable release of Vine Toolkit. The main feature is much anticipated Liferay 5.2.3 support ( as well as maintaining the Gridsphere 3.1 support ).

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