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Vine Toolkit 1.1 release and future plans ( Liferay support :) )

Dear Vine Users,

as some of you could notice our pace has been increased to make Vine Toolkit 1.1 available for you in its stable version soon. Currently we're focused on fixing all bugs and minor issues. Additionally, in order to get rid of the obsolete code from the previous ui framework ( Sportlets ) we're rewriting several important components ( Job submission, WsMdsm, Account Manager ) so they will be available to use without any extra work :)

Using Adobe Flex Builder 3 Flex SDK for your Vine build / Removing "Trial" watermark

In order to use some more sophisticated Flex controls like AdvancedDataGrid or Charts, one need to change the default Flex SDK into the one provided with Flex Builder 3. To do so, please change your FLEX_HOME to point to:

Support for custom svn locations

For those of you using custom svn repositories for your Vine projects we've prepared a small enhancement. Now in the build.properties in your installer you can configure a custom svn url for your project in the following manner:

Vine setup component

As a continuation of our efforts new component has emerged in Vine. The main purpose of that app is to synchronize users between the hosting environment (i.e. Gridsphere ) and Vine accounts. We'll provide more details in the documentation section soon.

Vine setup componentVine setup component

Roles in Vine

A quick update on our work:

currently we have two main areas of our attention. First is enhancing wow2green project workflow part, and the second one is a brand new role system in Vine.

Demonstration clip from Vine implementation in the wow2green project

If you're looking for some real life examples of Vine's applications, here it is. This is our demo movie showing workflow management features implemented in Vine. Additionally, new application has emerged - Flowify which is based on the Vine mvc features ( Flex/BlazeDs ).

Link to this presentation could be found here.

Flowify app demonstrationFlowify app demonstration

New article in the documentation - Domain.xml

We have a lot of questions regarding Vine configuration - especially the Domain.xml file. To make it easier a new section in our documentation has been created. This is just a beginning, we hope to extend this section soon. Take a look here to get straight to this article.

How to configure custom CA?

Obviously, it is possible to configure the Vine Toolkit to use a custom Certificate Authority.

To take advantage of this possibility portal installer configuration file, build.properties, should be modified. The list of projects must contain grid and gt2. It is very important to add both projects together!
Exemplary list of projects can be seen below:

# Application projects

Appropiate contents of packages for Vine services

It is not obvious how to organize codes of new Vine Toolkit services. Here are some hints. :)

1. Structure for Vine project services

Root package - /vine/projects/myproject/src/main/java/org/vinetoolkit/myproject/mypackage

Resource Manager interface - /vine/projects/myproject/src/main/java/org/vinetoolkit/myproject/mypackage/MyServiceResourceManager.java

Module interface - /vine/projects/myproject/src/main/java/org/vinetoolkit/myproject/mypackage/spi/MyServiceModule.java

Support for Microsoft Active Directory

We are pleased to announce that Vine Toolkit has support for Microsoft Active Directory. For more details see http://vinetoolkit.org/content/activedirectory.

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