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FAQ section added

To save your time, new section in our documentation has appeared. Go to the Vine's FAQ page and read about some common issues faced by users.

New File Manager component released

We're proud to present you our new component File Manager which has been entirely rewritten by our colleague Michał Krysiński. We have also changed the layouts in Vine's installers to use the latest version of File Manager.

File manager componentFile manager component

Major refactoring in the group project

We did some refactoring regarding roles introduction in Vine. The main reason for this is to have accounts functionality in the core Vine. Thanks to this move we're able to create a coherent model of roles in the whole Vine system ( resource and business logic access ).

What we are working on currently ?


just to let you know that we did not run away :) Here is a brief summary of our current tasks:

As a response to our pool and your needs - we present next tutorials.

We're trying to cover all features we've introduced with the new set of tutorials. Currently we're focusing on the examples of flex/blazeds/java integration, but also we've prepared one component with an example of Vine's resource/module - RssApp:
Rss application exampleRss application example

Tutorial examples

We are keeping pace with the new things in Vine Toolkit, lately we started to prepare a set of examples to give you ideas how to Vine Toolkit features efficiently:

Examples in uitutorials projectExamples in uitutorials project

Localization & external Flex modules support

We have two more features to present:

Javadoc update

I've updated Javadoc in the Documents tab - currently they are reflecting the Vine Toolkit 1.1 RC1 changes.

Vine Toolkit 1.1 release candidate 1 out !

We are proud to announce that we are getting closer to the Vine Toolkit 1.1 release. It will be a huge step forward in terms of quality and performance. To highlight its new features I will paste description from the RC 1 commit ( over 800 files have been altered !):

New structure in the UI source tree

As one intermediate step to introducing new flex model we decided to simplify the development process. To achieve that we reduced some unnecessary packages in ui source tree so instead of having ( in grid project ):

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