Vine configuration - HSQL DB tuning

By default Vine uses HSQL database. In general the default settings are used, but if required it is possible to change them after Vine installation.

The HSQL Vine DB configuration file is located here:


Inside there are numerous HSQL DB settings.

One of it is particularly interesting:


By default is set to 'memory'. It means all tables are loaded to the memory heap during the start up. In case of really big set of data it could be some problem. So if used Vine HSQL DB is getting large the value can be changed to 'cached'. Then most data are stored in DB data file and only some part is instantiated in memory. It could save a lot of heap memory but can slow down DB access a little.

Different HSQL table types are described here.

The HSQL documentation explains other settings, check here (section called 'Individual Database Properties').