How to configure custom CA?

Obviously, it is possible to configure the Vine Toolkit to use a custom Certificate Authority.

To take advantage of this possibility portal installer configuration file,, should be modified. The list of projects must contain grid and gt2. It is very important to add both projects together!
Exemplary list of projects can be seen below:

# Application projects

Necessary modifications should also be introduced into Domain.xml file.
Firstly, the list of authentication modules must be extended by GSSDemoCertAuthModule, as in the example:

    <authenticationModule key="PortletAuthModule" priority="1"/>
    <authenticationModule key="ActiveDirectoryAuthModule" priority="2"/>
    <authenticationModule key="GSSDemoCertAuthModule" priority="3"/>

Secondly, a GssCertificateRegistrationResource should be added and properly configured for the portal in the Domain.xml file.

    <!-- Portal -->
    <hostResource name="portal"

        <!-- Account manager -->
        <accountResource name="AuthAccountManager"
                         label="Auth Account"
                         description="Auth Account Manager">

            <!-- GSS demo certificate registration -->
            <gssCertificateRegistrationResource name="GssDemoCertRegistration"

And that is almost everything. Almost, because in the example presented above, the CA password is missing. The password is not read from the Domain.xml file, but from separate file. It is located in the grid project in path:


And should have the following content: