We are pleased to announce that Vine Toolkit supports now gLite Storage Resource Manager (SRM). The appropriate project can be checked out here.

Vine Toolkit implements SRM as new file management plugin. All SRM instances, registered in Domain.xml, can be seen as file systems in portal's FileManagerApp.
Registration of SRM service instances in Domain.xml is illustrated by the following example:

    <!-- cyfronet SRM -->
    <hostResource name="CyfronetSRM2"
                  label="Cyfronet SRM v. 2"
                  description="SRM v. 2 in Cyfronet">

				<!-- protocol="srm", NOT protocol="httpg" -->
        <srmResource name="srm" label="Cyfronet SRM v. 2" port="8446" protocol="srm"
            <resourceAttribute name="description" value="SRM v. 2.2.0"/>
            <resourceAttribute name="rootContext" value="/srm/managerv2"/>
            <resourceAttribute name="homeDir" value="/dpm/"/>