BlazeDS integration

Before we go any further we need to clean our base code a bit. Among the other things, we started to think about simplifying our UI model.

Our first attempt was to redesign existing stuff - just to remove some obscure code, use reflections and so on. Just at the end of design phase we spotted BlazeDS technology.

With this solution, with the help of annotations, we'll give users just two places ( instead of four - five ) to put their code in:

- serivce class on the server side ( with the business logic ),
- flex component on the client side.

Moreover, we'll switch from HttpService to the Remoting Object solution.

Of course this is not a simple process ( mainly due to the crosscontext nature of Vine and Gridsphere coexistence ). We'll give some more info about our progress soon.


Will there be ongoing support?

Will the support be there if we adopt this vine software in our project?

Will there be ongoing support?

Hi, this is one of our paramount features we are supporting actively. We have our projects where we are using Vine as a platform of new solutions so it's natural that there will be a support from our side. Moreover, if you think about something more complex we are open to suggestions or further cooperation.

Liferay support

Will Vine work with Liferay?

Will Vine work with Liferay?

Unfortunately, currently it's not possible, however Vine's design allows you to deploy it in different environments. In order to do that we need to prepare deployment routines for LR and do some logic to connect Vine's session and users to the LR ones.