As a response to our pool and your needs - we present next tutorials.

We're trying to cover all features we've introduced with the new set of tutorials. Currently we're focusing on the examples of flex/blazeds/java integration, but also we've prepared one component with an example of Vine's resource/module - RssApp:
Rss application exampleRss application example

Currently we have the following featured covered:

  • events - how to deal with event handling
  • file - how to perform file uploads/downloads and handle it on the server side
  • helloworld - a must be component ;)
  • interfaces - description of possible interfaces extending base functionality of Vine components
  • rss - Vine resource/module example along with some client side solutions
  • subcomponents - how to reuse ui components in Vine

We're almost done with that work and the next step will be the documentation describing in details our tutorial components, so stay tuned !


Stay Tuned