Major refactoring in the group project

We did some refactoring regarding roles introduction in Vine. The main reason for this is to have accounts functionality in the core Vine. Thanks to this move we're able to create a coherent model of roles in the whole Vine system ( resource and business logic access ).

What does it mean to you currently ? Not much, one thing to remember is that you no longer need the group dependency if you are not using our account manager component.

To properly update your project you should uninstall vine:

ant uninstall

then update your sources either with svn update or with ant install target. You should have a bunch of files added to the core Vine and some deleted from the group project.

To summarize, after our changes all account management logic has been moved to the core Vine. In the group project there is Account Manager application left. Everything else should behave in a normal way, we hope :)