New File Manager component released

We're proud to present you our new component File Manager which has been entirely rewritten by our colleague Michał Krysiński. We have also changed the layouts in Vine's installers to use the latest version of File Manager.

File manager componentFile manager component

This component follows our latest design patterns ( modularization, compliance with the Vine/BlazeDs model ) and can be easily adapted in your applications. Now it's no longer in the Grid Vine, we moved it to the core Vine since it can initially work with Portal File System and of course with the rest of file systems as well.



do i need to define the file manager resource in Domain.xml?

if yes, how? what tag should i be using?



is it possible to use the FileManager with SRM ? How would an SRM entry in Domain.xml look like?


we do have srm project in vine, you should check that source code in the context of usability. As you can see there haven't been many changes since a year, so it's rather for the experimenting purposes now.

As for the usage of this resource, simply put
inside a desired host resource in the doman.xml and try to use that.


Basically, you need to have your portal file system resource:

Look at:

Without the feed reource this is the minimal required configuration which let you to test portal file system component.

In a couple of days I'll write a guide on the proper Domain.xml configuration, I think it's one of the most confusing things here so stay cool :)


awesome! i'd need to do a


i'd need to do a vine update for this right?

yes, you need to update your

yes, you need to update your layouts - so ant install should do the trick :)