Roles in Vine

A quick update on our work:

currently we have two main areas of our attention. First is enhancing wow2green project workflow part, and the second one is a brand new role system in Vine.

Roles will affect all of you in some aspects. Currently we rely on the host's role policies ( i.e. Gridsphere ones ) thus we don't have possibility to create groups of users and permission for them. With the new role system we'll pay more attention to the users' accounts.

Now, with some integration tools, every user will have his own account mapping in Vine. Additionally we'll be able to grant him a set of roles and permissions. Thanks to that, it will be much more easier to create interactive applications like multi user resource sharing etc.

Our work is covering both the business logic and an appropriate admin GUI components available out of the box.

Currently features described above work only in an active directory scenario, but we're working on the generic solution as well.