Vine Toolkit 1.1 release and future plans ( Liferay support :) )

Dear Vine Users,

as some of you could notice our pace has been increased to make Vine Toolkit 1.1 available for you in its stable version soon. Currently we're focused on fixing all bugs and minor issues. Additionally, in order to get rid of the obsolete code from the previous ui framework ( Sportlets ) we're rewriting several important components ( Job submission, WsMdsm, Account Manager ) so they will be available to use without any extra work :)

What about the future ? One of the main big improvements on our road map is the Liferay support. We're constantly queried by you and this is the 'most wanted' feature.. We think that with your help we'll be able to achieve this goal. Apart from that, we'll focus more on a specific Vine applications like the Flowify example. Last but not least - documentation, we're aware of the fact that it's not easy to use Vine without any clues so we'll work on that more.


awesome! looking forward for

awesome! looking forward for the documentation bit and the stable release!

any gauge on when the stable release could be expected? :)

How is Liferay support going?

I would appreciate a lot, if there were more frequent news updates about current development activities, especially concerning Liferay support, what must be done and when it will be done.