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NanoMD, LAMMPS, SIMPL and Anelli support in PL-Grid portal

Vine Toolkit PL-Grid installer for PL-Grid project [ https://portal.plgrid.pl ] has been extended of four web applications giving the PL-Grid users oportunity to submit, monitor and control their HPC tasks with easy to use web interfaces.

Vine Toolkit presentation at IWSG2013

A keynote speech on Vine Toolkit has been presented during 5th International Workshop on Science Gateways, IWSG 2013 (http://iwsg2013.org/).

Build process changes for lower memory consumption.

There are good news for those, who already reached the system memory limits in their ANT_OPTS settings (see PermGen space error while building Vine Toolkit).

BEinGrid License Management support

We are pleased to announce that Vine Toolkit supports now BEinGrid License Management Architecture (LM). New article is present in the documentation which describes the configuration of new resources and clients. Take a look here. It is possible to submit the job using your License Management Account and One Time Password (LM TANs) and to manage the LM services from the Portal. Short demo of new features is presented here.

Resolving "java.io.IOException:Failed to delete" build error in Vine (Windows specific)

Sometimes during the build process Ant is reporting error like this:
java.io.IOException:Failed to delete {CATALINA_HOME}\webapps\gridsphere\WEB-INF\vine\backup\grid\xslt\web-undeploy.xml while trying to rename {CATALINA_HOME}\webapps\gridsphere\WEB-INF\vine\backup\grid\xslt\rep604943897.tmp
The error appears only on fast Windows machines - quick processor and low processor usage increase the chance for this error.

Using Adobe Flex Builder 3 Flex SDK for your Vine build / Removing "Trial" watermark

In order to use some more sophisticated Flex controls like AdvancedDataGrid or Charts, one need to change the default Flex SDK into the one provided with Flex Builder 3. To do so, please change your FLEX_HOME to point to:

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