bug fix

Build process changes for lower memory consumption.

There are good news for those, who already reached the system memory limits in their ANT_OPTS settings (see PermGen space error while building Vine Toolkit).

Resolving "java.io.IOException:Failed to delete" build error in Vine (Windows specific)

Sometimes during the build process Ant is reporting error like this:
java.io.IOException:Failed to delete {CATALINA_HOME}\webapps\gridsphere\WEB-INF\vine\backup\grid\xslt\web-undeploy.xml while trying to rename {CATALINA_HOME}\webapps\gridsphere\WEB-INF\vine\backup\grid\xslt\rep604943897.tmp
The error appears only on fast Windows machines - quick processor and low processor usage increase the chance for this error.

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