Vine Toolkit - standalone application mode

Vine Toolkit can be used also in standalone application mode (although some limitations could arise accordingly to the set of jars used in the classpath of the application). New article is present in the documentation which describes this topic. Take a look here to read the article.

Multi-domain resources configuration

Another article about Domain.xml configuration file was added. To make it easier a new section in our documentation has been created. Take a look here to read the article.

Using Adobe Flex Builder 3 Flex SDK for your Vine build / Removing "Trial" watermark

In order to use some more sophisticated Flex controls like AdvancedDataGrid or Charts, one need to change the default Flex SDK into the one provided with Flex Builder 3. To do so, please change your FLEX_HOME to point to:

New article in the documentation - Domain.xml

We have a lot of questions regarding Vine configuration - especially the Domain.xml file. To make it easier a new section in our documentation has been created. This is just a beginning, we hope to extend this section soon. Take a look here to get straight to this article.

Appropiate contents of packages for Vine services

It is not obvious how to organize codes of new Vine Toolkit services. Here are some hints. :)

1. Structure for Vine project services

Root package - /vine/projects/myproject/src/main/java/org/vinetoolkit/myproject/mypackage

Resource Manager interface - /vine/projects/myproject/src/main/java/org/vinetoolkit/myproject/mypackage/

Module interface - /vine/projects/myproject/src/main/java/org/vinetoolkit/myproject/mypackage/spi/

As a response to our pool and your needs - we present next tutorials.

We're trying to cover all features we've introduced with the new set of tutorials. Currently we're focusing on the examples of flex/blazeds/java integration, but also we've prepared one component with an example of Vine's resource/module - RssApp:
Rss application exampleRss application example

Javadoc update

I've updated Javadoc in the Documents tab - currently they are reflecting the Vine Toolkit 1.1 RC1 changes.

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