Information about new release

Successful deployment in the Polish Infrastructure for Supporting Computational Science in the European Research Space


We are pleased to announce that Vine Toolkit has been deployed to the Polish Grid lately. That basically makes it available globally to the all users of the Polish Grid project. More info could be found here:

Scientific workflows: vine:toolkit module as a part of the Serpens suite for Kepler

Serpens project: Serpens suite for Kepler is a set of actors, composites and workflows that provide support for different grid middleware stacks - (e.g. gLite and UNICORE). The extension covers the standard activities related to remote job management: job submission, monitoring, data handling, and so on.

Certificate Manager updated

Certificate Manager project has been updated. New features has been added: certificate configuration from p12 and jks keystore files or from web browser keystores (Internet Explorer, Firefox), minor fixes to the look and feel. Documenatation is also updated - read the article here.

New presentations - Abinit demonstration

Abinit portalAbinit portal Today we have prepared new demonstration movies accessible via VT YouTube channel : and also embedded in the demo section of site.

Some details about the presentation:

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