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Vine configuration - HSQL DB tuning

By default Vine uses HSQL database. In general the default settings are used, but if required it is possible to change them after Vine installation.

The HSQL Vine DB configuration file is located here:


Inside there are numerous HSQL DB settings.

One of it is particularly interesting:


Build process changes for lower memory consumption.

There are good news for those, who already reached the system memory limits in their ANT_OPTS settings (see PermGen space error while building Vine Toolkit).

Httpg protocol

Although httpg protocol is now obsolete, there are still some services which use it. It is possible to access such a service from Vine Toolkit modules, however one should not forget about some tricks. To see the complete and working example, look at srm project, paying special attention to class, implementing file system plugin for gLite Storage Resource Management.

All hints, presented below, are snippets of codes taken from class.

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