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Job manager - filtering and deleting jobs

New feature in Job Manager, responding to your requests we have added a possibility to filter and delete jobs in the Job Manager component. Also new enhancements are on the way, including messaging application and paging for the job listing.
Job ManagerJob Manager

Access to the gsi-ssh resources with GSI-SSHTerm

GridSsh AppletGridSsh Applet

Lately we integrated GSI-SSHTerm applet into Vine portal. We prepared a dedicated resource ( gridSshResource ) to provide information about gsi-enabled ssh hosts. Additionally we configure applet in the runtime to autoconnect to the first host on the resources list ( with a user name and default credential taken from the Vine user session in the portal ). More details here.

New File Manager component released

We're proud to present you our new component File Manager which has been entirely rewritten by our colleague Michał Krysiński. We have also changed the layouts in Vine's installers to use the latest version of File Manager.

File manager componentFile manager component

BlazeDS integration

Before we go any further we need to clean our base code a bit. Among the other things, we started to think about simplifying our UI model.

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