Electronics, Telecomunications and Technology Information Faculty, Bucharest

Project details
Project details: 

The project consists of an intranet e-Learning system with a Globus GT4 backend. It makes heavy use of the GT4 Replica service and the GT4 authentication and authorization mechanisms.

Usecase for Vine: 

The Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology Faculty here in Bucharest, Romania, uses Vine in
order to coordinate a Globus GT 4 grid designed as a collaborative grid for an e-learning project. Vine allows us to manage the system's users in an integrated way across the grid and also to monitor and make better use of the distributed file system the e-learning solution is using. We have also been able to alter its behaviour so it
can provide a single sign-on environment (via a replicated Tomcat session) in which a logged user has access to both the GT4 portlets and the e-learning solution.

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