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Project details
Project details: 

Flowify is a common name for a software stack for Grid-aware workflow management developed by FedStage Systems, PSNC (Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center) and EADS Innovation Works within the BEinGRID EU funded project ( BE23 - wow2green experiment).

More details could be found at Gridipedia.

Usecase for Vine: 

Vine Toolkit is used in two places in the architecture: in the wow2green portal and within the Vine web service component.
Vine Toolkit components used in portal:

  • Workflow Manager – general component used to interact with different workflow management solutions through common API; in case of the wow2green solution kepler plugin was introduced
  • Role Manager – role management component which allows to manage role based access within the portal regarding GUI elements and accessible actions and also to define role based access policies regarding data managed through logical file manager component
  • File Manager – File Manager component which allows to interact with different data management systems (among other ones exposed by grid enabled resources) by means of common API
  • Portal Security Component – used for portal user certificates and proxies management, together with the Certificates generation module allows to automatic certificate generation for registered portal users
  • Portal User Management – used for portal users management, user registration in the portal; together with the MS Active Directory plugin it enables to use exiting users in the given organisation to make the integration easier with the existing IT environment (it is also possible to use some existing LDAP service it desired)

Vine web service – web service which exposes some subset of functionality of the Vine Toolkit component to external systems/services – regarding AC1 Job and File Manager, the web service is used by kepler actors to interact with grid enabled resources.

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Piotr Domagalski