Project details
Project details: 

EUFORIA project
The EUFORIA project will provide a comprehensive pan-European framework and infrastructure for core and edge transport and turbulence simulation, linking grid and High Performance Computing (HPC), to the fusion modeling community. The project will enhance the modeling capabilities for ITER and future fusion devices through the adaptation, optimization and integration of a set of critical applications for edge and core transport modeling targeting different physics requiring the installation of different computing paradigms (serial and parallel grid computing and HPC). A novel aspect is the dynamic coupling and integration of codes and applications running on a set of heterogeneous platforms into a single coupled framework through a workflow engine, a mechanism needed to provide the necessary level of integration in the physics applications. Codes will be adapted to serial and parallel grid computing infrastructures as well as HPC computing. The coupling of codes will be performed through a scientific workflow approach where the integration process is performed through an execution engine external to the physics codes themselves. The development of the integration facility is based on existing workflow tools. As an integration platform Kepler workflow engine has been selected, integration with grid and HPC infrastructure will part of Migrating Desktop Platform.

Usecase for Vine: 

Vine Toolkit is being integrated with the server part of Migrating Desktop Platform - Roaming Access Server (RAS). RAS provides services for Kepler to enable usage of UNICORE,, gLite middleware and possible other services in the future, like GT4.

Usage of UNICORE is being done via Vine Toolkit libraries.

Simple use case:

  • user transfers input files and executable to Storage,
  • user submits a job specyfing this executable and output files,
  • user checks job status,
  • if status done, user download the results (this action can be performed in any timeframe, undefined number of times),
  • user deletes job/outputs.
Contact information
Marcin Płóciennik