Project details
Project details: 

To complement the conventional experimental and engineering approaches, computer-based simulations of complex natural phenomena and complex man-made artifacts are increasingly employed across a wide range of sectors. Typically, such simulations require computing environments which meet very high specifications in terms of processing units, primary and secondary storage, and communication. Supercomputers constitute the de facto technology to deliver the required specifications. Acquiring, operating and maintaining supercomputers involve considerable costs, which many organizations cannot afford. The working assumption of the QosCosGrid project is that a grid could be enhanced by suitable middleware to provide features and performance characteristics that resemble those of a supercomputer. We refer to such a grid as quasi-opportunistic supercomputer. The QosCosGrid projects aim is to develop such a system.

Usecase for Vine: 

Vine is used in QosCosGrid testbed portal . The main point of interest in Vine functionalities for this portal are Credential-, File- and Job-management with DSP support.

Contact information
Piotr Grabowski