Vine Toolkit 1.1 release

Thanks to our involvement in the another infrastructure project Pl-Grid as well as in the BeInGrid project, we are proud to announce that Vine Toolkit, version 1.1 has been finished and currently could be found in or svn repository. In a word, it's a stable and tested version of our framework. We have focused on fixing the existing bugs and removing the obsolete code and subprojects. In a few days, we will update our Download section with a set of bundles ready to download. Of course we're waiting for your feedback on that release as well !! [UPDATE: VT binary bundles are ready to download]

VT team

Certificate manager in a standalone mode

Today we have released an add-on to the main Vine Toolkit framework in a form of standalone/web start tool. Credential/certificate manager is a utility for managing user's certificates/credentials. More details could be found here.

Unicore 6.2X support

We are pleased to announce that Vine Toolkit supports now Unicore 6.2X server. Unicore6 project was updated. New article is present in the documentation which describes the configuration of the plugin. Take a look here to read the article.

User Management

In case of adding new users and managing them in Vine new article in documentation has beed created. For more details please look into this page.

WebDav plugin

Vine Toolkit from now supports also WebDav protocol. More info about WebDav on project home page. All features of WebDav can be exploited in File Manager application. If you have your WebDav account hosted on some server you just need to put proper information in Domain.xml file and place your user name and password in file ($PORTAL_HOME/webapps/vine/WEB-INF/vine/projects/webdav/classes/vine/webdav/

Domain.xml example:

    <hostResource name="myDisk"


We are pleased to announce that Vine Toolkit supports now gLite Storage Resource Manager (SRM). The appropriate project can be checked out here.

Vine Toolkit implements SRM as new file management plugin. All SRM instances, registered in Domain.xml, can be seen as file systems in portal's FileManagerApp.
Registration of SRM service instances in Domain.xml is illustrated by the following example:


Httpg protocol

Although httpg protocol is now obsolete, there are still some services which use it. It is possible to access such a service from Vine Toolkit modules, however one should not forget about some tricks. To see the complete and working example, look at srm project, paying special attention to class, implementing file system plugin for gLite Storage Resource Management.

All hints, presented below, are snippets of codes taken from class.

Resolving " to delete" build error in Vine (Windows specific)

Sometimes during the build process Ant is reporting error like this: to delete {CATALINA_HOME}\webapps\gridsphere\WEB-INF\vine\backup\grid\xslt\web-undeploy.xml while trying to rename {CATALINA_HOME}\webapps\gridsphere\WEB-INF\vine\backup\grid\xslt\rep604943897.tmp
The error appears only on fast Windows machines - quick processor and low processor usage increase the chance for this error.

Vine Toolkit - standalone application mode

Vine Toolkit can be used also in standalone application mode (although some limitations could arise accordingly to the set of jars used in the classpath of the application). New article is present in the documentation which describes this topic. Take a look here to read the article.

Multi-domain resources configuration

Another article about Domain.xml configuration file was added. To make it easier a new section in our documentation has been created. Take a look here to read the article.

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